If you run your own business then it’s time to ‘fess up to the man in the suit how much cash you’re rolling in .. or not, HMRC is keen to ensure that return on their ‘self assessments’ are completed and submitted on time and accurately, We’ve covered a lot of articles about how HMRC is getting ever smarter at finding the errors and even claiming down on those that fail to submit all-together.

When It comes down to it however it is a vital necessity that HMRC has our co-operation for these things, so in an effort to make sure that our followers have no excuse this year, here’s a handy link:


HMRC self assessment

Sure it’s an annoying part of being in business, but it is our duty to ensure that businessowners are doing what they can to ensure their business thrives and isn’t faced with the threat of closure. We are more than happy to discuss with any business owner that is thinking about closing their business, but we want Britain to thrive.

A lot of our recent Tweet’s and posts have been filled with dire tales of national companies which have hit the wall, Jessops, Comet, HMV and others. The economy is harsh and when the public starts to tighten it’s purse strings anyone in business can be subject to rising overheads and falling income leading to the inevitable.

It’s coming up to crunch point so take some time now to get it done, don’t leave it until the last minute! If you do just one thing this year to ensure your businesses safety in an uncertain world, make submitting your tax return a positive step.

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