So, What Are The Benefits Of Strike Off?

  • Immediate steps can be taken to start closing your company.*
  • It’s cheaper by far than liquidation.
  • No formal meeting of creditors.
  • Properly address bad business debt.
* conditions vary in each business, but we always explore the detail of the business before proceeding.

The Cost Savings Of Strike Off

Our service is one third or less the cost of a comparable liquidation, both have the same effect; your company closed down.
A comparison of service cost for company closures
Cost of dissolution: From as little as £250 up to £2,000Cost of Liquidation: £6,000 or more!
Cost of closure bar graph

What Can We Do For You?

If you choose to maek use of our service you would benefit in many ways,
  • You save your time, all the work is done by us at our offices by expert case managers that are able to handle all mailing, calling, and 3rd party relations.
  • We prepare a comprehensive set of reports for any creditors and related parties. Doing this means one very important thing, it overcomes the likelihood of the company being brought back and ensures that once the company is closed, it stays shut.
  • We give you the chance to purchase assets from your company, a liquidation would claim all assets which then are taken by the crown, but a Strike Off does not demand this.
  • We can arrange independent valuation for asset, doing so ensures that the company directors are not seen as fraudulently operating the company / asset stripping.
  • Our service also gives protection against S.216 IA ’86 re-use of company name provisions.
  • You are not obliged to hold a meeting of creditors, another function demanded by a liquidation. We can from start to finish take control of the procedures allowing you to start moving on.
  • We deal with HMRC and Companies House on your behalf, our case managers have a wealth of experience and know how to operate correctly with the relevant departments of government.
  • From the moment you allow us to take on your closure, we take full control, we begin immediate action and we guarantee to reach the outcome you want.
100% success badge
We have a 100% success rate.Our clients have always rated our service “good” or “excellent”

What do our previous customers have to say?

Hear from Jane, She was kind enough to send in this little video,
You can check out more of our customer feedback here: Our Testimonials

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