Many business owners find themselves becoming emotionally engaged in their business, and there’s nothing wrong with this until the involvement becomes and envelopment. Becoming so inwardly focussed on your business, and the things you have to do to keep it all ticking is a spiral of effect. It could end up leaving you blinkered to what your business really has in the way of assets and resources.

Your business, your responsibility…

This is pretty much the entire argument, the responsibility of the business rests on the shoulders of its owner or owners. However, responsibility does not mean that the operation of the business lays at the feet of the owners, we always advocate that if there is a part of the business which evades your own capability or frustrates you, then that part should be properly outsourced.

A recent finding states that nearly half of business owners don’t properly use the one resource that most others would turn to for trustworthy advice, their accountants. Even small businesses benefit from having an accountants services on call. But few utilise their accountant beyond basic bookkeeping and the maths of the business.

Accountants are a wealth of information, and more importantly they have a wide spreading network of professionals in all forms making business networking easier, just a quick chat can help you get the person you need for that tricky task that you have otherwise been putting off. The fact that your already paying your accountant should be enough that you want your monies worth from them and their skills.

Some key ideas:

  • Use your accountant for networking.
  • Use an accountant for advice, not just their ability to write numbers.
  • If you’re attempting to acquire a loan or investment, get your accountant involved to help you out.
  • Always be upfront and honest, lying in any respect when dealing with an accountant is lying to yourself.
  • Try and make a regular face to face catchup, it could help highlight a problem that is otherwise unseen.

As well as your accountant, your bank will have a business adviser. make use of this kind of resource, you pay fees on business banking, get your value back. Never be afraid to really listen to advisers of this nature, their advise can often seem contrary to your own interests but their continuing business relies on your continuing business.

Last Resorts,

We understand from our previous clients that if your bury your head, things get worse and we pride ourselves in being proactive towards business problems. If your business is run correctly you needHelp button image (Darker) never hear from a bailiff, you need never see a red-letter from HMRC and least of all you should never need the service of a firm such as Forbes Burton.

If you do have any outstanding business issues, take steps sooner rather than later or if you think that things may already be outside of your control we urge you to talk with a professional, such as your accountant or one of our own specialised case managers.

If you need direct advice you can always contact Forbes Burton on 0845 409 4471 – We’re here to help.

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