It’s the holiday season once more, a lot of businesses will be flourishing, there are even those short-term lease businesses which pop up to rake in untold cash profits and then disappear once more leaving behind an empty shop strewn with torn wrapping and boxes.

Christmas has become a retailers best and worst time. It is possible to make really astounding profits, but likewise it’s possible through even small error to loose hundreds or thousands of pounds. Some companies which aren’t able to gear toward the retail crowds face to problem that business may have a dramatic downturn over the holiday period.

Some will make special arrangement to keep their stores open, others make ready to close for a period. The worst case scenario, as has been present in the news recently, some quite large names have chosen now to announce that they are closing completely: CometStead & Simpson are some of the most notable.

Some business owners see this as a good time to catch up on loose ends, others might be more concerned with if they will be trading still come the new year.

Some helpful little pointers for all..

  • Making decisions and Christmas tend not to mix well, If business is slow, make effort now to prepare appointments for the New Year. If business is booming, be sure to not overlook the crunch points before you close / after you re-open.
  • Do something to thank your customers and suppliers for their business / supplies over the last year, cheesy but it works!
  • For your important customers and suppliers, do something even more special! send an email, card or if business is good, a small present with your company name on it.
  • Think of your local charity and maybe make a small donation, give something back to your community.

We have already extended our thanks to our clients of 2012, but more importantly we’re already gearing up for the new year! any client taking up our service at the start of the new year can claim 25% off of our service costs!


We appreciate that the idea of closing a company might not seem like a beneficial thing, but there are positive effect, you could reduce or remove debt owed to a struggling company, you could start a fresh company, you could use the opportunity to re-evaluate your life goals, start fresh.

Even If you personally don’t need our service we’re also offering a £50 cash incentive to anyone that successfully refers our service.

If you are interested in our New-Years offer please check the terms & conditions

We can help make 2013 a good year for those that have seen troubles in 2012, don’t let a business drag you down, we’re here to help.

We recently updated our downloadable guide so it’s never been better to get free information about company closure, just sign up on the right, or call us 0845 409 4471 and we can send you the PDF direct to your inbox.

From the team here at H.C.C

We would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and enjoyable holidays!

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