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Helpful HMRC

HMRC are too often billed as the ‘bad guy’ but they are doing their best to make lives easier as well. If you’re in business and perhaps you’re among those that aren’t quite sure what HMRC does for you and what you need do for them, perhaps you could catch up with the HMRC charter that they provide.

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There is no reason that as a business owner you cannot properly tackle the responsibilities such as how to handle your businesses tax situation. One of the single most common things we see when handling a client closing a business because of ‘problems’ is that they have simply overlooked their tax obligation which quickly spirals out of control.

Don’t let your business fall foul of such easily avoidable mistakes, take just a moment to familiarise yourself with the literature from HMRC.

As always, If you think you might be ins a situation in which you need to think about closing a business, you can benefit from some impartial just by getting in touch with Forbes Burton.

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